Dorothy's Paradise

A place where Dorothy can be in wonderland everyday

"Keep in mind I'm an artist and I'm sensitive bout my shit"
-Erykah Badu

Hey Tumblr,
I'm Banii and this is my tumblr.
I am a writer, art connoisseur, fashion lover, music addict, pet lover and admirer of anything beautiful.
I'm 23.
A libra (Oct. 18,1989).
Originally from Upstate New York.
Currently in Atlanta, GA... well now new york again
I love to travel and love being crazy little me!!

My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

En Vouge 

Tell them girls!! The song that is today’s theme.

"No you’re never gonna get it!!!…

I give to the needy not the greedy”

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